Saturday, 7 September 2013

in the gap (not the store)

"Well, It's been a long time Blogger."  Is how a lot of people post their 'I'm still interacting, but have not for a long time'  The denouement of individual blogs is probably a pattern that can be observed and predicted.

 I still like my comics.  The older I get, the less a 140 character description of myself seems to sum everything up

blogger over tumblr:
I understand that tumblr has a wider audience, but still I hunger for a LiveJournal like experience. An environment of concise quality of presentation. It's like a lot of cartoonists jumped off of LiveJournal into the brave new insane world of tumblr, and got lost in the gap between the two.

Wes Anderson Movies:
1) I think that Bill Murray is creates a disposition in his characters that it is easy for men to envy.  Almost completely detached and largely emotionally unaffected by events around him.  Absurd and disengaged and still found funny by audiences.

2) Antiseptic, insulated, white, middle to upper-class stories where children pretend to be adults (Moonrise Kingdom) or adults pretend to be children (royal tenenbaums) without either experiencing much lasting risk.  Suicide and poverty are window dressing and not a crushing experience.

Against self-awareness (or - if you were a cow bred for meat would you want to understand your future?)
Where is he literature against self awareness?  The material that says it is better to stay ignorant of personal existential horrors?  Possible easy answers for this are platitudes like "well it all evens out in the end" "what comes around goes around" or religions, personal motivation seminars that focus on power gain.
 It doesn't seem to me that it helps an individuals personal finance/comfort to "ponder the imponderables" when they could just be performing maze like tasks to get more money.  Sure, knowing oneself helps with navigating personal relationships and understanding motivations, but there is a serviceable level to that kind of feeling that doesn't involve seeing most things around as corrupt or uncaring. Perhaps self awareness doesn't bring compassion for a lot of people?

I never hardly ever feel like I have the time to experience something properly -
this might be related to me having a child with J.  I can start daddy comics and photos? Since that's what a lot of North America buys into as an activity?

Friday, 1 February 2013